Walking and cycling advice

Bike Polite!

Cycling has grown by 80% in Dorset since 2003 as people cycle to work, to school, to get fit or just to get out of the house and enjoy themselves. More cyclists mean that there is greater chance of conflict with other road users. However, if everyone is considerate, then there is plenty of space for all. Set a good example to other road users and keep yourself and them safe by following the Bike Polite Code:

  • shared paths – slow down, ring bell or say “excuse me” and say thanks when passing
  • footways – pavements are for pedestrians. Never cycle on a busy pavement, it is against the Highway Code, selfish and may put other road users at risk of injury
  • traffic lights – cyclists are traffic too, so stop at red lights. Failing to stop at red lights is against the Highway Code and may put you and other road users at risk of injury
  • after dark – use front and rear lights and reflective or light clothing after dark so you can be seen

Why walk or cycle?

  • makes you feel good and keeps you fit
  • gives you more energy
  • reduces stress and helps you sleep better
  • keeps your heart ‘strong’ and reduces blood pressure
  • helps to manage your weight
  • saves money – no need to worry about rising fuel costs
  • reliable journey time, avoids traffic jams
  • zero carbon emissions – do your bit to fight climate change

Why walking and cycling are the perfect activities for health?

  • almost everyone can do it
  • you can do it anywhere and any time
  • it's a chance to make new friends
  • it's free and you don’t need special equipment to walk
  • modern bicycles are comfortable and good value –or pick up a cheap second hand one from your local bike shop

Walking tips

  • wear a good pair of comfortable shoes
  • take water with you
  • be seen – walk towards oncoming traffic if you have to step into the road
  • use this map to plan your route
  • take care when crossing roads
  • be considerate to other path users such as cyclists and horse riders

Cycling tips

  • follow the Highway Code (see the Bike Polite! section)
  • wear a cycle helmet (make sure it is fitted correctly)
  • keep your bike well maintained with a regular service by a professional. Fit a bell, check brakes, tyres and steering
  • be visible, wear reflective clothing
  • use this map to plan your route, avoid difficult junctions or high speed roads
  • on road, position yourself where you are visible, maintain a gap from the kerb or parked cars and use clear signals
  • undertake refresher cycle training if you do not feel confident on your bike
  • avoid theft by always locking your bike to an immovable object

Have you found this map useful?

Please contact travelchoice@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk to provide any feedback or suggestions

Reporting problems

You can report a problem online to Dorset Highways, such as defects with footways, cycle tracks and roads such as potholes, lighting, overhanging vegetation, obstructions, flooding.

You can also report a problem with Rights of Way.

For general issues about walking and cycling please contact the Sustainable Transport Team at travelchoice@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk or call 01305 224552


www.dcn.org.uk – Dorset Cyclists’ Network campaigning for a cycle friendly Dorset
www.cyclinguk.org/group/west-dorset-cycling – local group of Cycling UK providing led cycle rides in West Dorset
www.sustrans.org.uk – the UK’s leading sustainable transport charity
www.sdmbc.org.uk – South Dorset Mountain Bike Club
www.cyclinguk.org/article/cycling-guide/top-ten-tips-for-cycling-in-traffic – Guidance for cycling in traffic
www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/bikeability – child cycle training in Dorset to the “Bikeability” standard
www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/adult-cycling – Boost your confidence and sign up for a subsidised refresher cycle training session
www.bridportcycles.co.uk – Bike sales, repair and hire
www.walkingforhealth.org.uk/walkfinder – search the website to find gentle walks around the town centre led by Bridport Healthwalks
www.bridport-tc.gov.uk/green-spaces-project/ – Bridport Green Route is a 3 mile walking route around the town linking green spaces
www.westdorsetramblers.org.uk – local branch of The Ramblers leading local walks
www.dorsetyoungwalkers.org.uk – Ramblers Association group for younger members with led walks
www.walkingworks.org.uk – support and information on walking as a healthy lifestyle choice
www.livingstreets.org.uk – national charity representing the rights of pedestrians
www.travelinesw.com – latest bus timetables and fare information
www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/community-transport – information for people who cannot use or don’t have access to public or private transport
www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/travelchoice – reduce your car use by using active, sustainable transport
www.carsharedorset.com – free carshare journey matching database to help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint
www.livewelldorset.co.uk – free service for adults in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset who would like to improve their health and wellbeing
www.activedorset.org – information on where to find clubs, activities, sessions and venues to play sport or participate in physical activity
www.transitiontownbridport.co.uk – community network rebuilding resilience and reducing carbon emissions to help Bridport deal with peak oil and climate change